Estate Disputes

Estate Litigation – including contested wills, testamentary capacity challenges, inheritance claims, guardianship and administration advice.

How we help

We can give you the advice and assistance you need to appropriately resolve estate disputes of any kind.  

We understand that dealing with an estate dispute at the same time as grieving for a loved one is a difficult and challenging time.  We aim to support you by equipping you with the right advice, that is easy to understand.  We will approach your matter in an efficient and practical way, aiming to resolve your dispute with as little cost and stress as possible.  

We are strong advocates for you but are also approachable, patient and holistic.  We embrace and are experienced in both formal (Court and Tribunal based) and informal (correspondence and conference based) dispute resolution.  

We can provide you with advice regarding whether:

  • You can challenge a Will, because the Will maker didn’t have the requisite capacity at the time of making the Will;
  • There was influence or pressure involved at the time that the Will maker made the Will, or there was some other issue involved, which might render the Will invalid;
  • A beneficiary or other party can seek (further) provision from the deceased Estate, by making a claim pursuant to the Inheritance (Family Provision) Act;
  • The family and/or beneficiaries can enter into an agreement to change the distributions made by the Will maker.

There can be strict timeframes involved with some Estate Litigation matters, and you might be prevented from bringing a claim if it is not filed and served within ie 6 months from Probate.  Please contact us as soon as possible to discuss your estate dispute.

We’re here to help you

Have you been thinking of making or changing your will? Have you lost a loved one and don’t know how to sort out their affairs? We can help. Please contact our friendly staff to make an enquiry.